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Many times you will see Mini, Teacup, Nano, Micro, Extreme Micro used interchangeably. The different names are confusing. Where does the Tuxedo Teacup Potbelly Pig fit?

By Barbara Dunham 

Tuxedo Teacup Potbelly pigs are a small breed of the original Vietnamese Potbelly pig. These little pigs mature to about 25 pounds and usually under a foot tall. They are mostly black and have white markings around the collar and chest.

Miniature potbelly pigs have been bred down over the years taking desired characteristics from other pig breeds to produce the small pig that we have now.  Mature Mini Pigs range from 25-45 pounds and 12-14 " tall and come in a varity of colors, spots, stripes.

Tuxedo Teacup Pigs and Mini Pigs have a sway back and a straight tail. However, Mini Pigs tails resemble that of a pony's tail.  See photo at bottom of page. Male pigs are called boars. Female pigs are called sows. Both breeds are social animals, easily trained and devoted pets.


You can also see more information on our sister site: MiniPigs4Sale.com 


 We are very proud of the daily handling and care given to our teacups here at Little Pigs . We provide proper nutrition and quality veterinary care to all of our pigs with vaccinations, dental checkups, hoof care, and worming. The health of our animals is very important to us, and we follow rather strict practices. We maintain a closed herd, which means we do not bring in any new animals, embryos or semen. Once an animal is sold, it may not be returned. So that we do not unintentionally introduce disease into our herds, we do not bring our animals to shows, and we do not borrow or lend animals for breeding.
All miniatures and teacups come with health papers showing up to date vaccinations, deworming schedule, and hoof trimming schedule. If you need transportation, we can arrange air transport within the US. We are a USDA registered breeder of Mini Potbelly Pigs and Tuxedo Teacup Potbelly Pigs.



We have litters of baby mini potbellied pigs available in the Spring, Fall and in the Winter around the Holidays. They range in color from silver, black, white (pinks), pintos, brown with stripes, black with stripes, chestnut, caramel, tricolor (white, black, orange). Many of the babies have blue eyes.

How Long is a Miniature Pig's Pregnancy?

by Barbara Dunham 

It takes three months, three weeks and three days to have baby piglets. There are usually four to six piglets in a litter. They are weaned between five and six weeks old. Both Minis & Toy Teacup pigs live 12 to 15 years, with proper care. The Tuxedo Teacup breed of the Vietnamese Potbellied Pig has quickly gained popularity for a number of reasons. They make excellent pets and are easily housebroken. They are exceptionally neat when given the opportunity to be so. They only become dirty when kept in surroundings that prevent them from being clean. They are not finicky eaters, don't bark and rarely shed. Their tremendous intelligence and amiable nature are quickly making them a strong contender as America's favorite house pet.